Never DIY A Tree Removal!

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Lately, we’ve been hearing stories about people trying to DIY and remove their own trees instead of hiring a professional. While that may seem like an advantageous decision, it could actually cause a lot more harm and money in the long run.  It can be dangerous work to cut down a tree, even more so if you don’t do it for a living. This is why anyone thinking of cutting down a tree themselves should do it with a well-equipped team at their side.   A professional arborist has been trained on how to safely remove the tree and has the proper equipment to remove it correctly.

So what ARE the risks of DIY tree venture?

Dangers of a DIY tree removal.It can be a dangerous task

Tree removal should not be taken lightly. It involves training, experience, knowledge, and the proper equipment to remove the tree safely and without property damage. If you don’t have experience or don’t have the right equipment, you will not only be putting yourself at risk but there’s a big chance you could damage your property (or your neighbour’s property) as well.

It can create a huge mess.

Removing a tree is usually a bigger job and more dangerous than anticipated. This can lead to a half-removed tree that is now more dangerous than before.  This typically makes finishing the job more dangerous due to the improper practices employed and minimizing the safe branches we have to work with. And as a direct result makes it more expensive for the arborist to finish removing safely than it would have been had a professional company been hired in the first place.

It takes a lot of time.

Cutting down a tree is a labour-intensive task. By hiring an expert, you are investing in your safety, eliminating the likelihood of a potential disaster, and placing this dangerous task in the hands of an experienced arborist.

It’s cheaper to hire professionals.

The damage done by a DIY tree removal can be severe and costs way more money and stress than hiring an arborist to get the job done right the first time. A home owner’s insurance won’t cover any DIY damages, whereas a professional insured company will not create any damage in the first place, but has proper insurance to cover any damages, worst-case scenario.

You might be able to save the tree.

Sometimes all the tree needs is a little maintenance. That’s why hiring an arborist to analyze the tree in question is always your best bet. They have the knowledge and experience to determine whether or not the tree even needs to be removed or if it can be pruned and maintained.

As arborists we are the voice of the tree, our job is to speak on behalf of the tree, and to maintain it and keep it healthy for its entire lifespan. Unfortunately, every tree reaches a point where it is no longer safe, due to a variety of reasons, our job is to assess and determine the state of health the tree is in, and make our recommendations accordingly.

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