7 Things You Need To Know About Tree Removal

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Tree removal may appear to be simple, but it rarely is. It’s a dangerous and potentially expensive job that’s best left to the professionals. If you decide to do your own tree removal, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

Municipal Bylaws

Most municipalities in Ontario have bylaws affecting tree removal, including removing trees from private property. In Kitchener for example, the Private Tree Conservation By-law generally states that, with exceptions, you need a permit from the city to remove any tree whose trunk is 10 cm or more in diameter.

Make sure you are in compliance with local bylaws before you remove any trees.

Underground Hazards

You must check for buried cables, sewer, and/or gas lines that may be damaged if your tree removal includes removing the stump and root structure.

Proximity To Your Home

We occasionally want to cut down a tree that is too close to our house. To avoid serious damage to your home, extra care must be taken when removing overhanging branches. Branches, even small ones, are usually much heavier than they appear.

Trees That Overhang Neighbouring Property

A tree whose trunk is on your property may occasionally overhang a neighbor’s property in part or even entirely. Again, check local bylaws that may apply in such situations, but it’s always a good idea to consult with your neighbours and, if possible, obtain their permission before removing a tree that overhangs his or her property.


Make sure your insurance covers any property damage or personal injury that may result from the removal of your tree to you, your neighbours, or strangers.


The majority of people underestimate how much waste they’ll have to dispose of after removing a tree. When a mature tree is cut down, it leaves behind a large amount of wood, branches, and debris that cannot be left on the curb for municipal garbage pickup. Many professional tree removal companies have a shredder on site to save money on disposal and make the job easier.

Hire A Professional

Removing a tree is a dangerous activity that can result in serious bodily injury to you and others, as well as significant damage to your home and property.  If that isn’t enough of a reason, hiring a professional tree removal company eliminates the need to obtain permits, investigate underground hazards, damage you or your neighbor’s property, or dispose of all that wood.  Of course, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company, so don’t be afraid to ask for references, qualifications, and proof of substantial insurance coverage when speaking with potential companies.

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