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& Commercial Tree Services

ReTrees is your choice for professional, friendly,  thorough and reliable Tree Services.

From Top to Bottom

We provide a full range of commercial and residential tree services

Tree Removal

Whether old, sick, in the way or leaning, we remove any tree you want removed

Tree Trimming

We take care of your trees, trimming where needed, so they grow healthy, strong and away from hazards

Lot Clearing

Whether you're starting a new project or building your dream house, we clear the lot of trees, stumps and brush

24-hour Emergency Servive

If you have an urgent tree service problem Professional Tree Services specialists are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Why Us?

We believe in prompt, honest and reliable Tree Services

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Why Us?

We provide residential and commercial tree removal, trimming, as well as Tree Clearing services

Our Core Team At ReTrees

We're like family. Our people are the foundation of our organization.

ReTrees is driven by a passion for healthy, sustainable, and thriving forests, land, and ecosystems through Tree Services.  We pride ourselves on professionalism, reliability, friendliness and the thorough care we take to ensure our sustainable future

Ray Bowman, CEO & Fouder

Get it done

We pride our selves on profiessionalism and reliability

We're Like Family

Friendly and modest are the cornerstones of who we are


Trees play an important role in our lives, families and environment. Let's keep them healthy

Lot Clearing

We Clear Lots

Whether you’re starting a new land development project or building your dream house, ReTrees can clear the lot of trees, stumps and brush so that the building can start on time.

Lot Clearing
Stump Grinding
Tree Cabling